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Our Brand DNA (copy)

InVue Innovation InVue Design Our Product Innovation Team focuses on developing solutions that solve the ever-changing conditions facing retailers. InVue Quality Our quality testing team ensures that every product meets the stringent quality standards you need for peak performance daily. InVue Ease of Use We design our products to be easy to use and maintain. […]

4-Port Power Box

New 4-Port Power Box An innovative solution for space limited displays. The new 4-Port Power Box is the ideal solution when there is not enough room in your furniture/fixtures for individual power supplies. Its small footprint will easily fit into any tight situation and there is no need for a power strip. Small footprint fits […]

High Security Smart Watches

New High Security Smart Watches A tough solution for extreme high theft situations. Fashion wearables require a security solution that allows shoppers to model how the device will look on them before they buy. InVue’s HS Smart Watches provides the optimal solution combining an attractive merchandising stand that invites consumer interaction with a solution that […]

IR StopLok with Flexible Locking Hook

New IR StopLok with Flexible Locking Hook Flexible security for premium accessories. Now part of InVue’s exclusive IR Ecosystem™, the new IR StopLok™ with Flexible Locking Hooks provide superior protection for high value accessories versus traditional magnetic and mechanical hooks. The external body is engineered to provide more stability and enhanced resistance against manual attacks. […]

Shelf Tether

New Shelf Tether The only security product for packaged merchandise when EAS is not present. The new Shelf Tether™ is the only shelf security solution using InVue’s exclusive IR2 Key security. No other solution is specifically designed to protect merchandise displayed on a shelf. You no longer have to develop your own solutions based on […]

Series 2800

New Series 2800 Power up and secure any merchandise with one system. The new S2800 is a flexible, multi-position security system that allows retailers to secure multiple branded items such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, wearables and accessories on a single fixture or display. It consists of a modular system of regulated, multi-voltage power boxes and […]